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We’ve all seen the countless headlines over the years suggesting American foods are particularly unhealthy but how true are those claims? We set out on a food tour of America to look at each state’s most favoured dish before breaking down the contents nutritionally to see just how bad the dishes really were. We then used our findings to create a heat map and compare how healthy each state is.

How Healthy Are America’s Favourite Foods & Which State Is The Healthiest?

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Top 4 states who’s iconic dishes contain the highest amount of calories:

  • New Jersey – Hot Dog
  • Ohio – Buckeyes
  • Illinois – Chicago Deep Pan Pizza
  • Maryland – Crab Cakes

Top 4 states who’s iconic dishes contain the most fat:

  • New Jersey – Hot Dog
  • Maryland – Crab Cakes
  • Ohio – Buckeyes
  • Wisconsin – Bratwurst and Sauerkraut

Top 4 states who’s iconic dishes contain the most carbs:

  • North Dakota – Lefse
  • Ohio – Buckeyes
  • Georgia – Peach Cobbler
  • Indiana – Sugar Cream Pie

What Are America’s Favourite Foods?

food tour of america

StateFood% Fat% Carb% Protein
AlabamaFried Green Tomatoes67.44%28.08%6.99%
AlaskaSmoked Wild Salmon21.18%2.06%77.35%
ArizonaGreen Corn Tamale55.98%40.00%11.46%
ArkansasFried Pickles43.53%48.44%16.15%
CaliforniaFish Tacos45.22%41.59%14.33%
ColoradoRocky Mountain Oysters22.85%57.06%6.78%
ConnecticutNew Haven Pizza29.56%54.01%16.64%
DelawareVinegar French Fries48.82%45.88%4.97%
FloridaKey Lime Pie43.45%51.49%6.09%
GeorgiaPeach Cobbler30.00%67.88%3.64%
IdahoFrench Fries48.82%45.88%4.97%
IllinoisChicago Deep Pan Pizza45.18%36.14%19.28%
IndianaSugar Cream Pie43.22%51.98%4.52%
IowaPork Tenderloin Sandwich43.54%42.12%17.47%
KansasKansas City-Style Ribs58.60%9.06%31.51%
KentuckyFried Chicken49.02%27.98%25.14%
LouisianaShrimp Gumbo35.18%39.85%28.75%
MaineLobster Roll29.41%44.95%25.74%
MarylandCrab Cakes67.50%10.00%28.33%
MassachusettsClam Chowder39.64%39.52%19.05%
MichiganMichigan Pasty56.25%33.75%7.50%
MinnesotaTater Tot Hot Dish44.53%36.46%19.17%
MississippiMud Pie59.45%39.18%5.47%
MissouriToasted Ravioli45.08%44.50%12.24%
MontanaHuckleberry Pie43.71%54.69%4.41%
NebraskaRunza (meat pie)30.75%52.25%17.65%
NevadaVegas Shrimp Cocktail77.72%6.91%13.82%
New HampshireBoiled Dinner35.74%15.89%46.10%
New JerseyHot Dog65.59%23.05%11.53%
New MexicoGreen Chilli0.00%233.33%40.00%
New YorkReuben Sandwich42.01%38.69%20.02%
North CarolinaPulled Pork Slider26.23%55.83%16.91%
North DakotaLefse (Potato Crepe)9.90%88.89%8.95%
OklahomaBiscuits and Gravy46.15%44.10%10.26%
OregonMarionberry Pie47.64%44.69%7.00%
Rhode IslandClam Cakes10.80%65.77%23.43%
South CarolinaShrimp and Grits50.00%23.33%25.56%
South DakotaChislic48.77%0.00%51.10%
TennesseeSweet Potato Fries39.26%62.55%2.55%
TexasTexas BBQ Brisket33.86%28.27%36.60%
UtahFuneral Potatoes53.94%31.77%13.86%
VermontPancakes, Maple Syrup and Blueberries24.11%69.64%14.29%
VirginiaBaked Apples0.00%103.87%2.21%
WashingtonCedar Planked Salmon56.15%16.56%26.82%
West VirginiaPepperoni Roll40.00%44.44%13.27%
WisconsinBratwurst and Sauerkraut80.43%4.26%12.89%
WyomingChicken Fried Steak with mash and gravy56.40%31.61%18.53%