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There’s no messing with a solid plate electric hob. Solid and dependable the zones are easy to control with adjustable power levels and different sizes to suit your cookware. We’ve even added a high-speed hotplate for rapid boiling and steak frying.

AHE6000SS 60cm four zone electric hob

AHE6000SS 60cm four zone electric hob

The AHE600SS is a practical four plate electric hob in stainless steel. The hob has 6 power levels, residual heat indicators for safety and a power indicator light.


Electric hobs have remained a popular choice for many kitchens because of their solid, dependable practicality. The Amica electric hob range is especially popular because they offer an affordable hob choice that does exactly what it says it will.  You’ll find four solid plates of differing sizes to suit your pans and cooking needs and easily adjustable power levels on our 60cm electric hob. With a stylish stainless steel finish, cleaning after cooking is a breeze.