Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers

An Amica wine cooler is the perfect addition for any wine lover who wants to make sure they’re always pouring the perfect glass. Wine coolers replicate the cool environment of a wine cellar to keep your wine in optimal condition. You can use electronic temperature control, UV protection and LED interior lighting to perfectly preserve your wine.

Freestanding Wine Coolers

Our wine coolers are available in polished steel or stylish black and our entire range can be fitted under-counter or used as freestanding wine coolers. We offer a slimline wine cooler that can hold up to 7 bottles and full-sized undercounter wine fridge options that can hold up to 45 bottles – whether you just need to keep a bottle of Chenin Blanc chilled for Friday night, or want a full selection ready for the next dinner party, we’ve got it covered.

Freestanding Wine Coolers
Free Standing Wine Coolers

We have polished stainless steel or stylish black wine coolers so you can find a contemporary looking appliance that perfectly fits your home. All of our wine coolers have electronic controls with LED displays so you can easily check your wine is at the correct temperature. As a precaution, Amica wine coolers also have over-temperature alarms that will warn you of any drastic changes to the storage temperature.  The wine cooler LED lighting not only makes it easy to check you have enough bottles chilling, it actually replicates the soft lighting of a cellar. UV is especially damaging to wine, which is why cellars have historically been the preferred storage solution for wine. To make sure your wine stays protected without you needing to dig a cellar, we use UV protected glass.  The finishing touch is our stylish wooden slide out shelves which provide the perfect platform to display your collection. We offer three sizes so that you can pick the perfect wine cooler for your kitchen and lifestyle.

The Optimal Way To Store Your Wine

Whether you’re storing white, red or rose wine, consistency is key to keeping your wine in optimal condition. All wine should be stored at a steady temperature in cool, dry storage.  In general, wine should be stored between 11 and 15˚c, although the exact temperature will depend on the type of wine. It’s important that your wine cooler temperature never goes over 24˚c though. Temperatures above 24˚c can cause the wine to oxidise which will impact the taste of the wine negatively. 

Why is wine stored horizontally?

Traditionally, wine has been stored horizontally to ensure the wine has contact with the cork. It’s important that the cork does not become dried out as it will cause the cork to then become porous which allows oxygen to enter the bottle.  As screw caps have become more popular, this is less important but it’s better to have the option of horizontal chefs for when you do buy corked wine. Horizontal storage is also found to be more effective as you can store more wine in the same space than if the bottles were stored vertically.

Why is it so important to keep wine at a certain temperature?

It’s important to keep your wine at the correct temperature as it helps the wine age correctly. If your wine is kept at too warm a temperature and oxidises, it won’t taste pleasant and you’ll have an undrinkable bottle. On the other hand, if your wine is kept at too low a temperature it will actually stunt your wine and stop it from developing properly. Different wines will also have their own requirements when it comes to storage. Red wines are known for their heavier tannins, which is what gives them their signature richness, and can last up to 30 years if stored correctly! White wines, generally, will last about a ⅓ of that time. So, if you need an excuse to pour yourself a glass of wine, you’re just making sure to drink it while it’s still optimal! Keeping your temperature consistent is also incredibly important. If the temperature of your wine constantly changes, it causes pressure on wine corks which lets more oxygen into the bottle. This sours the wine and it will end up with a vinegar-like taste. Not what you need when you’re trying to host a party or relax after a long week. 

Do you need to store red and white at different temperatures?

White wine is ideally stored between 8 and 12˚C and red wine is ideally stored between 12 and 19˚C so technically, you can store red and white wine at the same temperature. But, for the best taste, they should be served at different temperatures.  Our full-sized freestanding wine coolers have two separate temperature-controlled zones. This is ideal as it means you can store white and red wine at their optimal temperature and you don’t need to remember to get your red wine out of the cooler early.  If you would prefer a slim-lined model that doesn’t have space for two separate temperature controls, you should store your wine at an average temperature of 12˚C. At this temperature, your red wine will only need a short amount of time to warm up to the correct temperature and your white wine will be ready to serve immediately. 

Handy Wine Cooler Tips 

Let us share some of our tips to make sure that you get the most out of your wine cooler.
  • The ideal red wine temperature is 12-19˚C
  • The ideal white wine temperature is 8-12˚C
  • The ideal champagne temperature is 5-8˚C
  • Try not to put anything but wine in your wine cooler – while it might be tempting to quickly throw something in if your fridge is full, it can damage the wine. Foods with strong, potent smells can filtrate the wine cork and taint the overall taste of the wine.
  • When you store your wine, try not to remove it until you’re ready to serve it. Vibrations and movement can spoil the wine.
  • Make sure your wine cooler has UV-protected glass as direct sunlight will damage the wine. All Amica wine coolers are UV protected.

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