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Finding the right hob for your kitchen is a very important decision. After all, your hob is a noticeable part of your work surface and is probably one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. 

At Amica, we have a wide range of hob designs including sleek black and clean white to perfectly complement your kitchen. As well as looking stylish, our hobs come with a variety of practical functions and features that work to make cooking easier than ever. 

Why not check out our extractor fan range to find a complementary chimney hood that will take care of the steam and grease so you can focus on cooking.

Induction Hobs

Clean, fast and efficient, induction is the future when it comes to cooking on the hob. It is as responsive as gas, allowing you to turn the heat down quickly and immediately seeing a response in the bubbling contents of your pan. It is also efficient as it directs heat to the pan itself rather than heating up the whole zone and is easy to clean, just like our ceramic models.

Induction Hobs

induction hobs

ceramic hobs

Ceramic Hobs

Forget scrubbing pan stands and trying to clean food residue out of nooks and crannies. A ceramic hob is the ultimate in practicality with a continuous, clean glass surface that can be wiped over in just a few seconds. What’s more, when the hob is not in action it sits at a low level against your work surface to provide an uninterrupted clean line around your kitchen.

Ceramic Hobs

Electric Hobs

Solid, dependable and practical to use, our affordable range of electric hobs do exactly what they say they will. Giving you 4 cooking areas, safety conscious right-handed controls and a professional brushed steel finish, a solid plate hob is perfect for adding no-fuss cooking to your kitchen.

Electric Hobs

electric hobs

gas hobs

Gas Hobs

Professionals turn to gas time after time for its responsiveness, cooking speed, and low cost energy rates. We’ve included cast iron pan support options and finishes in black, stainless steel or white to suit your kitchen. Click the link below to discover the full Amica gas hob range.

Gas Hobs

How do I choose the best hob? 

Choosing the right hob for your kitchen will be largely dependent on your cooking style. Amica’s hobs all offer the same high-quality finish so you can choose a hob that best suits your cooking style. 

A gas hob or an induction hob will offer the most flexibility with both providing instant heat and unparalleled temperature control, however gas hobs allow you to use any type of pan. 

An electrical hob is a great option for those who want a simple, no-fuss hob that gets the job done and is easy to clean afterwards. A ceramic hob will offer similar cooking efficiency to gas and induction hobs and are perfect for streamlined, modern kitchens.

Can I install my own hob?

Gas hobs must be fitted by a qualified and Gas Safe Registered installer, service agency or gas supplier. Electrical hobs must be installed by a competent electrician. We recommend checking your user manual for more specific instructions on who is qualified to install your cooker hob.

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