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Authorised spare part distributors

If you have a problem with your Amica home or kitchen appliance that you wish to repair yourself, then simply contact one of our authorised spare distributors. Like-for-like spare parts for Amica appliances are available from locations across the UK – just click on the marker on the map to see information about which spare parts are available from which suppliers.

Alternatively, if you would like a technician to visit your property to take a look at your appliance, just follow the instructions on our Amica service centre page. All Amica home and kitchen appliances come with a 2-year parts and labour guarantee – you can register your guarantee here.

For any other services, just use the contact form on our contact page, call Amica on 0844 815 8880 or email service@amica-international.co.uk.

Click on the marker on the map and see information about selected authorised distributors spare parts.