Freestanding Cooker Features Explained

Amica freestanding cookers are available in a stainless steel or white finish. You can choose to match the design of your freestanding cooker with the look of your kitchen, or you could choose to make a statement and have it stand out from the rest of your appliances. There are different combinations for you to choose from, it is up to you to decide which cooker is going to suit you the best. Pick from a gas oven and gas hob, an electric grill and gas oven with a gas hob, an electric oven with a ceramic hob or even an electric oven with a solid plate electric hob and cook exactly how you want to.

You can also choose which size you would want to utilise the available space you have in your kitchen. Each style comes with a choice of sizes in either 50cm or 60cm wide.

You can also choose between 1 or 2 cooking cavities or add additional shelves into your oven to create the kitchen that you need.

Features include:

Cookers with timers

A timer is a useful feature to have on a freestanding cooker, especially if you have a busy kitchen with lots going on. A timer can help you to relax by reassuring you that your dinner isn’t going to burn if you start another task.

There are two types of timer function available: minute minders and digital programmers which offer semi-automatic and automatic cooking.

Minute minder

A minute minder is unlike the digital programmer as it is entirely independent from the heating function. This simply means that the timer is not linked to what is cooking in the oven or on the hob, so you could set the minute minder for anything and it would not affect your cooking. Simply set the duration you require and click ‘OK’ – it is that easy! A minute minder shows the countdown of the set time, showing you how long is left, which can be really useful when cooking multiple dishes! The Amica AFG6450 gas cooker for example (which is available in black, white or stainless steel) features a handy minute minder.

Digital programmers

These combine the minute minder function along with more sophisticated cooking timing – semi- and fully automatic cooking.

Semi-automatic cooking

This feature allows you to control the duration of your cooking, and after the elapsed time is up the programme will automatically switch off. This means if you put something in to cook, but want to finish watching your favourite TV programme, you can simply set the time and sit back and relax! The duration can be set between 1 minute and 10 hours with an easy to use programmer. Unlike the minute minder, the cooking duration will show the current time of day during auto mode rather than the time remaining, however you can rest assured that it will switch off once the time has ended.

Automatic cooking

Automatic cooking gives you all of the benefits of semi-automatic cooking, but goes a great deal further by incorporating a delayed start feature. You could simply pop your food in the oven at 9am, set your cooker to start cooking at 12 o’clock for 1 hour, after which the programme will switch off automatically – perfect for serving lunch at 1 o’clock! This is a great feature if you want to make the most of your day – get ahead of the game and get your cooker to do the hard work for you!

Fan assisted heating and hot air circulation

Some of our electric freestanding cookers come with features that help to circulate the hot air around the cavity, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection.

Fan assisted heating appears in models such as the 608EE2TAXX electric cooker with ceramic hob or the AFN6550SS electric cooker with induction hob. In fan-assisted ovens you will find top and bottom heating elements that are joined by a fan that circulates the hot air distributing it around the cavity.

There is also a hot air circulation feature that works similarly to fan-assisted heating. This works using a centrally positioned fan and heating element at the back of the oven, the hot air is then blown around the cavity guaranteeing evenly cooked food.

Flame failure safety device

A flame failure safety device can be found on all Amica cookers that come with a gas hob. This device is built into your hob and will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame is accidently extinguished, stopping the unnecessary flow of gas.

Rapid preheating

We know that waiting for your oven to preheat can be a pain, but with rapid preheat you don’t need to worry. This will allow you to start cooking quicker with the preheating boost feature that ensures the oven cavity reaches its pre-set temperature quicker.

Heat maintainer

Our heat maintainer function is ideal for keeping soups and sauces warm until you are ready to use them. The heat maintainer regulates a hot temperature with a gentle power level to avoid over cooking. This feature is very handy if you have lots of meal prep going on and don’t want your sauce to go cold.

Triple glazed door

As well as all these other amazing features, we also provide triple glazed door glass on some of our freestanding cooker models. A third layer of glass on your oven will help to protect the external surface from reaching too high a temperature as well as make the appliance much more energy efficient. This will be helpful if you have children as it will protect their hands should they touch the glass.

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