Choosing a Cooker with a Double Oven

Freestanding cookers with a second cooking cavity are ideal for busy family kitchens, preparing and cooking a variety of meals. This extra space will give you the opportunity to cook more than one meal at a time, instead of trying to squeeze all dishes into one cavity.

Amica freestanding cookers with double ovens come in either 50cm or 60cm widths, and they are all knob controlled with some models featuring touch control too. Double oven models come with racked sides, unlike single ovens that come with moulded sides. The racked sides will give you more stability and ease when sliding shelves in and out of the oven cavity. The bottom door of the double oven opens sideways and the top door opens downwards, this may be useful to know when deciding on the location of the cooker.

There are many different combinations of cookers with double ovens to choose from, Amica are also one of the only brands that produce a freestanding cooker with an electric grill, the Amica 508GG5W gas cooker gives you all the benefits of a gas cooking with the capabilities of an electric grill. Keep reading our expert advice guide to find out which cooker is the best for you!

Freestanding electric double oven with induction hob

Amica’s electric double oven and induction hob is available in stainless steel or matt black. There are catalytic liners in both ovens, 2 shelves and a grill pan with grid, whilst the hob comprises of 4 zones.

The induction hob features handy boosters on all zones, a keep warm function to keep food at a stable temperature and 9 power levels. It also comes with a useful safety lock to keep unwanted hands safe, as well as an automatic pan detection and small object detection.

The double oven features a cooling fan, chromed racked sides and a useful interior light. The doors are also double glazed with removable inner door glass for easy cleaning in those tricky hard to reach places. The top oven is a conventional oven, with a grill. The main oven is also conventional and fan assisted, with a defrost function and warming feature.

This multifunction cooker comes equipped with many safety features like overflow and overheat detection, and residual heat detectors that ensure the zones glow red when they are hot. It has many handy features to make your cooking and cleaning easier, such as a bright 25W halogen light and catalytic liners to help absorb the grease that builds up during cooking. The Amica AFN6550 electric cooker is packed with features to aid you in your cooking, equipping you with all the benefits an electric cooker has to offer.

Freestanding electric double oven with ceramic hob

Amica also offer a ceramic hob complete with an electric double oven. This cooker includes 4 hob zones and has 6 different power levels to allow precise control over the cooking temperature. The top oven is a conventional oven with a half grill, whilst the main oven is fan which is good for ensuring that the whole oven cavity is heated by circulating hot air.

The ceramic hob has a useful residual heat indicator to make you aware that the zones are still hot by glowing red as well as a temperature limiter for your safety. The hob also has easy to clean shatterproof ceramic glass, this glass is toughened and able to withstand the high temperatures whilst cooking.

The electric double oven comes with catalytic liners in both ovens as standard, as well as double glazed removable doors with removable inner glass for easy cleaning, the top oven door is also removable. The LED digital programmer is a smart feature and allows you to use the timer function, whilst the oven is controlled by rotary controls. The Amica AFC6550 electric cooker comes in stainless steel and black and could be a great addition to your kitchen.

Freestanding electric double oven with gas hob

This electric double oven comes with a 4 burner gas hob. This model features a flame failure safety device that closes off the gas supply in the case that the flame is accidentally extinguished. The double oven has chromed racks sides and useful anti tilt shelves to keep your pots sturdy.

The gas hob features enamel pan supports that are dishwasher friendly, so no more scrubbing away at those pans! Within the 4 burners, 1 burner has a rapid cooking function and have a semi rapid cooking function. There is also a useful automatic ignition device that ignites the burner in one swift movement, just one other way that this hob has been designed for your ease.

The electric double oven features rotary controls, LED display, and a 25W halogen light present in both oven cavities. Cleaning is no longer a worry with catalytic liners fitted in both ovens and double glazed removable doors to wipe clean. The top oven is a conventional oven with half a grill, and the main oven is a fan oven.

This dual fuel cooker gives you the best of both worlds, with quick and direct ignition to heat to cook your food on the gas hob, and an electric fan oven equipped with many extra features. If you are wondering how you are going to connect your cooker to the gas, there is a handy LPG conversion kit to allow a registered gas safe engineer to connect your cooker to an LPG canister. The Amica AFD6450 dual fuel cooker is available in black and comes filled with features to make cooking easy.

Freestanding electric double oven with solid plate hob

Amica’s electric double oven with solid plate hob comes equipped with 4 solid plate zones, 1 rapid plate burner and 6 different power levels to choose from. The top oven consists of a grill and conventional oven, the main oven is a fan oven, perfect for circulating the warm air around the oven cavity.

The hob also features residual heat indicators that notify you if the plates are still hot to touch during and after cooking.

The electric double oven has an easy to clean grey enamel interior and a removable top oven door, perfect for cleaning. All doors are doubled glazed and the inner door glass can also be removed to help clean the difficult to reach places. The Amica AFS5500 electric cooker comes in white, with black solid plates.

Freestanding gas double oven with gas hob

The gas double oven with a gas hob comes with 4 burners to allow flexibility when cooking. It has an LED display and comes in a choice of stainless steel or black. Gas ovens also come equipped with an LPG conversion kit that allows you to run your gas cooker from an LPG canister, rather than form your mains if you wanted to.

This gas hob comes equipped with rotary controls that allow you to change the settings. It also includes safety features such as a flame failure safety feature, cutting the gas supply if the flame has be extinguished. The burners have a mixture of settings including rapid and semi rapid functions, there is also an automatic ignition that ignites the flame instantly.

The double gas oven features chromed rack sides and catalytic liners on both sides to help absorb grease. The easy clean grey enamel interior and removable doors will ensure you can clean the oven cavities thoroughly when needed, making easy work of a dreaded chore. The Amica AFG6450 gas cooker is available in stainless steel, white or black and it is packed full of features to ensure that you get the best out of your gas cooker.

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