REAch2-ing out to help our community

REAch2 Academy with Amica retro fridge freezer

We are always inundated with requests to help out community projects and organisations, from sponsoring fun runs to providing prizes for charity raffles. We would love to be able to say yes to everyone and it is difficult to prioritise and select which groups to offer our support to.

Sometimes a cause comes along that is so poignant that we have to offer what help we can. The issue of children in communities across the UK simply not having enough food to eat, and consequently concentrate at school, is heart-breaking.

The REAch2 Academy Trust is currently piloting a potential answer to this problem that could branch out across the country and provide a realistic solution that offers support to the families that need it. By stocking fridges in schools with the food that would otherwise be wasted by the kitchens they are solving not one, but two problems; food waste and hungry children.


“I was in one of our schools on Monday and I sat next to a little boy to have a breakfast club. He said to me ‘I’m hungry because I didn’t eat last night’.

“I asked him why was that and he said ‘my mum didn’t have any food in and she didn’t have any money to buy any last night’.

“Of course that’s heartbreaking and to hear that, as an educationalist, we want to do something about it.”



It is difficult to imagine not being able to provide enough for your family to eat and there is a certain stigma attached to this. The REAch2 Academy Trust is trying to get rid of this by making healthy, nutritious food accessible and available to whoever needs it-no judgement attached. Children are starting the day with a full tummy and ready to learn, or are going home well fed and with that immediate pressure taken off the homes that are struggling the most.

To do this, the academy needed proper storage solutions for the food to ensure that it is fresh and stored correctly. That is where we come in. By offering a few of our Amica freestanding fridge freezers we were able to fill in the gap between a brilliant idea and workable solution.

We hope the scheme is successful and goes on to support many more communities in the future.


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