Induction Hobs – Intelligent Solutions

Bring a touch of class to your kitchen with an Amica induction hob, and the way you cook meals could change forever. Intelligent heating zones detect the shape of your pot and only heat the area underneath it, and are even able to merge two cooking zones when you use a larger pot – perfect for entertaining and flexibility of cooking.

Intelligent solutions

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  • Bridge function

    Automatic pan recognition allows you to take two heating zones and turn them into one large zone – ideal for cooking with larger or specialist pots and providing a safer, more versatile cooking experience.


    The helpful Stop ‘n’ Go function works like a ‘pause’ button – switching off the hob whilst simultaneously memorising its most recent settings. A quick press of the sensor will switch the hob back on with its previous settings intact.

  • Saving

    Induction hobs are up to 30% more efficient than traditional electric hobs. Induction technology senses the shape and size of a pot and adjusts power accordingly, reducing unnecessary loss of heat and energy.

  • Safety

    To switch on, an induction cooker hob requires contact with a saucepan. Once contact is made, an electromagnetic current passes through the pan, generating energy and heating your saucepan, cooking your food while the hob remains completely cool.


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