Freestanding Dishwashers – Intelligent Solutions

Elegant and stylish, Amica freestanding dishwashers provide quality inside and out. Aqua Spray dishwashing technology cleans from three different directions, ensuring a like-new sparkle, and the Aqua Stop feature prevents flooding in the event of a breakdown. Best of all, Amica freestanding dishwashers’ low noise level means that once you’ve hit ‘on,’ you and your full stomach can relax.

Intelligent solutions

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  • Silent Operation

    Choose Amica and you’ll be able to relax after dinner without a noisy dishwasher spoiling things. The noise level of our dishwashers in operation is extremely low.

  • A++ energy

    Our freestanding dishwashers are available in energy class A++, meaning energy consumption, and thus your energy bills, can be reduced by up to 21%.

  • Aqua Stop

    Our freestanding dishwashers’ Aqua Stop feature shuts off water directly at the tap in the unlikely event of the appliance’s failure.

  • Aqua Spray

    Your Amica dishwasher’s middle and lower arms rotate in opposite directions whilst spraying, with the additional upper spray nozzle washing from above and ensuring dishes come out looking as good as new.


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