Chimney Cooker Hoods – Intelligent Solutions

Loud, intrusive chimney cooker hoods are a thing of the past. Thanks to its wide-angle LED lighting, intelligent automatic odour sensors, and a remote control allowing you to control the hood from the comfort of your sofa, choosing an Amica chimney hood will make ventilating your kitchen a pleasure rather than a chore.

Intelligent solutions

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  • Low noise level

    Amica chimney hoods run extremely quietly, meaning post-meal relaxation is undisturbed.

  • Halogen Lighting

    Our chimney cooker hoods’ wide-angle LED lighting illuminates the cooking area and provides a warm kitchen atmosphere.

  • Remote control

    A simple-to-use remote control allows you to switch your hood on and off from the comfort of the dining table or sofa.

  • Odour sensor

    Your Amica chimney hood will automatically switch on when it detects the smell of cooking food, even adjusting intensity and time accordingly.


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