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Why choose an Amica integrated or freestanding freezer? An anti-bacterial system lining the doors of our freezers keeps food fresh, frost-free capabilities mean no more digging through ice to get to what you need, and an A++ energy rating means huge reductions on energy bills. Amica freezers provide solutions to major problems you’d stopped even noticing - and you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

Intelligent solutions

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  • A++ energy class

    Our freezers use up to 40% less energy than other A-class energy products, resulting in huge savings on your energy bills.

  • Anti-bacteria system

    An antibacterial substance is added to rubber in the fridge doors, keeping food fresher for longer.

  • Silent work

    The familiar low hum generated from your freezer is a thing of the past. We ensure that all of our freezers have low, near-silent noise levels.

  • Spacious drawers

    Large or awkwardly-shaped containers aren’t a problem thanks to our freezers’ high-capacity drawers.


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