Amica IN. is a family of interconnected appliances. Intelligent, stylish and internet-connected. Offering a technology allowing you to control your kitchen from an App.


Oven door kept cool even whilst cooking at high temperatures.
Great safety feature to ensure the oven door stays cool.
Increased safety in use and a stylish finish with special Vanessa Black glass.
Increased safety in use and a stylish finish with special Vanessa Black glass.
Stylish frame to compliment the contemporary design.
Operate the oven even when you are not at home.
Pyrolytic models feature an auto-clean programme. The oven cavity is heated to 500° C at which point any grease & food is burnt from the walls and easily removed.
Removing grill pans and dishes from the oven made easy.
Producing a bright & thoroughly-lit oven cavity to allow you to check food without opening the door and losing heat
Gentle opening and closing of the oven door.
The discrete red light within the handle indicates if & when the oven is operational.
Simple and clear operation.
Adjust the oven programme to your cooking needs.
Adjust the oven programme to your cooking needs.
WIFI connection allows automatic system updates offering enhanced features and continual improvements.


turning slick and stylish functions into advantages and benefits,
making cooking a true pleasure.

Energy Class A

The high energy class means lower bills and thus provides significant savings.

Smooth door opening and closing

Slow opening of the oven doors with the Soft Open feature and their smooth closing with Soft Close. This is a convenient and secure feature which eliminates the slamming sound of the oven door when closed.

Cool Oven Front

Hot inside – cold outside. The use of special materials enables to retain the high temperature inside the oven. This reduces the risk of burns from touching the front glass.

16 steam programmes

The joy of your favorite steamed dishes. Thanks to the built-in features, the oven transformsinto a convenient steamer.

Dual halogen lighting

Oven interior with bright illumination. The installed halogen lights make it easy to clearly see if the food is properly browned and ready. The light is switched on and off in a delicate, smooth manner.

10 oven features

Special task features! A range of capabilities which provides complete professionalism during the cooking struggles.

Telescopic rails with a STOP function

Facilitated removal of the tray thanks to the telescopic guides. This reduces the risk of burns and facilitates access to the oven compartment.


A modern system of oven cleaning. Saves money, time and energy required for conventional cleaning.

Temperature probe

Full control over the degree of baking – both outside and inside. The temperature probe allows you to determine the appropriate time to take out the delicious food from the oven. This ensures that all meals are 100% ready.

37 preset programmes

The ability to precisely select the cooking parameters to the prepared food. 37 built-in programmes allow you to set the ideal conditions for each meal.

Backlit handle

The handle of the oven provides a gentle red light. This way it indicates if the equipment is still working or that it is still hot.

Aqualytic System

A revolutionary system of cleaning the oven compartment using water steam. Just turn on the appropriate programme and wipe the baking compartment with a damp cloth at the end.

Intuitive programmer

User-friendly, clear and legible programmer. This is an additional advantage in everyday cooking. The 7-inch screen allows you to set the desired programme, but also displays the ingredients needed to fulfill the culinary fantasies of the user.


Connection to the Internet allows the use of extended features such as search of favorite recipes and updating the oven data. All of that enables to increase the comfort of use.

Remote Control

Control the oven from anywhere. The application allows to control the equipment with the phone, tablet or computer. Switching the oven on or heating up the dishes on the way back from work is now possible.

Baking programmes in low temperatures

New dimension of baking with preset cooking programmes at low temperatures. Thanks to that the meals preserve more vitamins and maintain freshness for longer.

Colour Display Panel

The ability to watch your favourite photos which bring back memories. This is not the only advantage of the display. Thanks to the colour diversity you can clearly see, which function is selected.

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