Amica IN. is a family of interconnected appliances.
Intelligent, stylish and internet-connected.
Offering a technology allowing you to control your kitchen from an App.


Get to know our Amica IN. fridge freezers, from the superb functions
to their stylish finish which bring a modern look to a kitchen.
Easy & intuitive touch display control to change and adjust your fridge and freezer settings.
A visual and audible indicator is activated if the door is left open to protect your food and retain is freshness.
The door can be mounted on both the left and right side of the appliance for added convenience, giving you the opportunity to alter the door hinge to fit your kitchen layout.
Energy efficient, bright internal lighting offering a clear view of your food.
The safety shelves can carry up to 100kg, and are surrounded by a raised frame preventing any spillages from dripping onto other food.
Easy and secure storage for up to five large bottles which can fold away when you don’t need it.
Ideal for storing jars, spreads and cheese - these are sturdy and have a streamlined shape and no hard-to-reach corners, ensuring they can be easily cleaned.
Food is stored at an optimal temperature to retain vitamins and nutrients, keeping your food fresh for longer.
Food is stored at an optimal temperature to retain vitamins and nutrients, keeping your food fresh for longer.
An antibacterial wall lining protects your food and prolongs its freshness.

Get to know our Amica IN. fridge freezers.


Energy Class A+

The high energy class means lower bills and thus provides significant savings.

No Frost technology

Innovative air circulation system - it is no longer necessary to defrost the fridge compartment. The excess of moisture is removed outside, which prevents frost from depositin.

Sensor Control

Easy and intuitive management of the fridge through many features is available on the display.

Fresh Zone

All products stored in the Fresh Zone container, in the temperature 0-3°C, will stay fresh for longer than those stored in standard fridge conditions.

Led lighting

Led lighting makes the compartment of the fridge much brighter. Lower energy consumption is an additional advantage of this kind of lighting.

Door open alarm

A light and sound signal goes off automatically when the fridge door is left open for longer than 30 seconds.

Safety glass

The shelves in the fridge are made of tempered glass. This makes them hold heavy objects, such as a pot with soup, with ease.

Bottle rack

The bottle rack is a perfect place to cool your favorite wine or beverage. Thanks to the small size, the rack doesn’t take much space. You will realize the rack’s usefulness when reaching for a cold beverage during a hot.

Five large door balconies

The door bins in the fridge can be mounted as you wish. It is possible to adjust their position on the door which provides comfort and functionality.

Anti-Bacteria System

The interior of the fridge is covered with a special antibacterial coat, which prevents bacteria growth and unpleasant odours.

Reversible doors

The door can be mounted on the left or right side. The freezer drawer can be fully slid out when the door is open at the right angle.

Spacious freezer drawers: 3 units

Thanks to the freezer drawers, all the stored products can be easily reached. The capacity of the freezer drawers makes it easy to freeze even a large amount of products.

Two salad crispers

The vegetables and fruit containers help to keep order in the fridge. Thanks to their size, a large amount of products can be stored.

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